Tequila Malas Lenguas

We are different, we are unique, we are disruptive... We are Malas Lenguas.

Our story doesn’t come from the countryside or generations passionate about agave, but it does come from a taste and admiration for our culture and our land, from the recognition of good tequila in the palates of our own and many others.

Because we know that the best stories begin with a bottle of tequila. That’s when MALAS LENGUAS lets our senses turn what we see and feel into a feast of pleasure.

We are disruptive because we have always been different. We live in a way where we don’t worry about following a script. With over 25 years dedicated to art and expression through the tattoo industry, we naturally connect with people around the world. Today, with Malas Lenguas, we want to celebrate a tradition of flavor.